We only used slings for 5 days in Hawaii

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We only used slings for 5 days in Hawaii
Thu, 12-09-2004 - 1:04am

We decided not to bring our double stroller because we didn't want to deal with checking it. So we took 5 slings instead. It was the best! We fit through every store and market place we went to. We easily hiked down to beaches and walked all over them. We walked all over the Polynesian Cultural Center, sat and watched shows in bleachers. We got on and off the planes with ease! It was great! I'd carry one and DH would carry one or I'd carry both so DH could take care of the two bigger kids. I have to say after all that walking my legs hurt! I got several comments about what neat carriers I had too. Three are plain khaki canvas (1 fits DH, 2 fit me), one is a marbled grey flannel, and one is a pattern with roses and writing flannel. None are very fancy, just functional! I can't say enough about how great it was to sling them the whole time. They could BF, burp and nap all on me (or DH). The girls were HAPPY the whole time, except when in there car seats to and from places. :( I think they hate their car seats! But put them in slings with bonnets on and their happy as can be. Flashing smiles at everyone!

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