Baby needs a lot of alone time?

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Baby needs a lot of alone time?
Thu, 08-11-2005 - 6:13pm

Hi Ladies,
My daughter was born on July 24. I have a sling (OTSBH) which she likes being in when she's tired and needs help falling asleap. When she's awake and alert she seems to find it too confining. She pushes up against the sides and fusses, crying if I don't take her out. She's much happier sitting in the car seat or lying in her Pack and Play by herself. (She sleeps with us at night and naps in the Pack and Play downstairs during the day.) On the one hand, I'm thrilled to have such a content, independent baby. On the other hand, I wonder if she's missing out on human contact.
Has anyone had a similar situation with their baby? How did things turn out?


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Thu, 08-11-2005 - 7:34pm
Have you tried different positions in the sling? My baby doesn't like being in a cradle hold when she is awake, she likes to be facing out in a 'kangaroo' carry, or facing in, in a "tummy to tummy' carry. Let me know if you need pictures..

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Thu, 08-11-2005 - 8:41pm

Yeah my ds did that same thing with the sling at first, only he didn't want to be put down, just out of the sling. I kept putting him in it and found that the kangaroo hold worked the best for the longest time. Now he prefers the upright (tummy to tummy) hold with an occasional kangaroo. He has even started to smile when I put on the sling!

I would give the kangaroo carry a try, I think she's probably too young for the upright. See how it goes.

:) Maria

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Thu, 08-11-2005 - 9:35pm

I would try the kangaroo or upright (if you have a ring sling or one you can pull up to provide head support as she is held to you in the upright position).


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Mon, 08-22-2005 - 10:40am

hey Jen,

Lucy hated the cradle carry too. But, that being said, there *are* some times where she cries unless I put her in her bouncy seat, or propped up in her Boppy to look around. I understand the guilt, though! I make *myself* feel better by trying the other alternatives when she's crying/fussing before putting her down on her own.