Mei Tai, Pouch Sling or Ring Sling?

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Mei Tai, Pouch Sling or Ring Sling?
Fri, 09-02-2005 - 4:58pm

Hi! I'm new here. I have a wonderful 4 month old daughter who is getting really big! Almost 16 lbs. The snugli is wearing my back out and the car seat is heavy!. Is it too late to start her in a sling?

I wanted to know what you would recommend too?

Thanks! Joy

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Fri, 09-02-2005 - 5:54pm

My 4 month old is also about 16 lbs and I've been using the Mei Tai carrier w/ no problems.

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Sat, 09-03-2005 - 8:58pm

Its definitely not too late to start!

Until just recentely I was using the pouch sling with my 9 mon old (of course, he's only 15 pounds). Its the only one thats been comfortable since he came home. Its super easy to pop him in and out of. Plus he was very big on the facing out position.

Now though, I've been using my homemade ergo b/c he was too wiggly in the pouch.

Hope that helps!

:) Maria

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Tue, 09-06-2005 - 2:06pm

It's definitely not too late!

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Fri, 09-09-2005 - 11:44am
The pouch vs ring sling I think is just a preference. But I would recommend both the ring sling and the mei tei. The functionality for both is different. The sling is good for fast in and out, running errands, and the mei tei is good for long carrying. It will be easier for you to use a sling with a heavy kid if you use the hip carry and pull the fabric down on your shoulder. Make sure it isn't bunched up around the rings. I carried DD in her ring sling until she was 25 lbs. Now we just use the ergo because I only carry her for long distance stuff. She out grew sling carrying when she started walking.

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