sling for mom with weak shoulders

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sling for mom with weak shoulders
Thu, 09-29-2005 - 2:30pm

Abel is having a hard time with getting down for naps especially in the evenings, I usually take them down to the playground so he'd fall asleep in the stroller and Dani can play but its fall and it rains a lot so most days we can't go.

If I carry him around in the flat in a sling he'd fall asleep but my problem is my back, I've always had a problem with my back, I have a "bent" spine and I can't carry anything on my back or shoulders for long, not even a simple bag - with every pg its been getting worse (I know I need to see a dr but just haven't had time) anyways

I have a simple cloth tie-sling and a maya mama-baby sling (I got that because it is a softer more stretchy material and not so hot for a summer baby) I can use both on both shoulders but still my back hurts like crazy from wearing Abel (I couldn't wear Dani from when he was 3months)

Is there any sling you know of that is good for carrying heavy babies? not so hard on ones back? or one that I can carry him on my back with (I can't tie him on my back alone since he doesn't sit yet) I'm not sure I will be able to talk myself into buying another sling (the maya sling was expensive enough) but who knows

I need to get things done and the only way I can get around in town is taking Dani in the stroller and Abel in a sling, I so wish I could do it without suffering all the rest of the day from back pain.


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Thu, 09-29-2005 - 10:55pm

HI there,

I totally recommend a podaegi (pronounced poe-day-gee)! This carrier rocks because it allows you to do a strapless back carry.

Po's are a Korean carrier, and are made up of a "blanket" which forms the baby's seat, and two long straps that are attached to the top of the blanket going out from left to right like a "T". The only downside to a strapless carry is that it isn't for nursing moms since the pressure from the straps can cause mastitis. There are crossed-strap carries that you can do if BFing that are pretty comfortable as well.

You could also try a wrap, the downside of a wrap is that there is more of a learning curve to it!

Another option is a mei tai, this also distributes the weight of baby pretty evenly across the shoulders and back, there are some that are made with "wrap inspired" straps that help to distribute the weight even more!


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