Ergo ? for young baby

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Ergo ? for young baby
Thu, 10-06-2005 - 8:37pm

Hi Ladies,
My daughter is nearly 11 weeks, but she's very big for her age (13lbs at 2 mos). She does great in the Ergo w/ the infant insert, but we'd much rather have her in it w/o the insert for several reasons. (It takes so much longer to get her in using the insert, it's uncomfortable having her sideways, it's hotter, etc.) We'd like to have her facing us. They recommend stopping using the insert at 3 months, but it seems reasonable to stop now b/c she's so big. We've tried twice and both times she's screamed until we took her out. Any ideas why? She doesn't seem uncomfortable in it and I can carry her against my chest w/o the carrier w/o a problem. Does anyone have any experience with transitioning to using the Ergo w/o the insert? Thanks for your help.


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Fri, 10-07-2005 - 2:33pm

try holding her weight in your hands while she is in the ergo the first few times so that she can figure out how to get comfy with her legs spread out without having her weight pressing her down in the carrier ( does that make sense?)it is a totally different position they are in and not one that some babies find comfortable at first. When you are just carrying her in your arms she probably has her legs dangling down your chest and they are close together so sitting with them spread will take some practice. You may also want to fasten the waist belt up higher on your body for a few times so that she is closer to your face and can hear your heart and be up closer to the position she is used to being in when being carried this may also help her to get used to it. Since the ergo is basically a big seat that fits around them for younger babies ( no matter how Big they are) it can feel a little threating being down lower on mommys body and suddenly having to hold there legs out in what for a toddler is a natural position for a baby they have to learn.
good luck I hope these ideas help