Nursing in a Front Wrap Carrier

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Nursing in a Front Wrap Carrier
Sun, 07-02-2006 - 3:58pm
Hi. New to the board. My baby is due next month today. I am interested in using a front wrap carrier to nurse during outings and such. Can someone direct me to a site or something that would give me directions on how to position the baby in order to accomplish this?
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Mon, 07-03-2006 - 1:31am

This is one of the best wrapping sites:

here is a front wrap nursing an older infant:

I think newborns are really easy to nurse in a pouch or ring sling, wrapping with a newborn is almost overkill to me--it is cozy and secure, but so is pouch.

Also, their is a babywearing DVD that has a really great wrapping section. The woman on the DVD is the same woman from the mama toto project video:

the babywearer is a great place to learn all about wrapping and all forms of babywearing, there is a forum just on wrapping!

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Wed, 07-12-2006 - 9:03am

I love my front wrap sling.

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