got my new slinglings!

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got my new slinglings!
Sun, 08-27-2006 - 9:49pm
yay! I got my new slingling slings 2 days ago. I just tried all three out. I got a courdory, twill, and a mesh watersling. We are going to visit my parents in GA and they are taking us to Savannah, so I needed a watersling. I'm really excited about it and I will try it in the shower tomorrow. I can't wait! I tried all of them out just to make sure they fit right. The courdoroy is so cozy. It will be very nice in the winter. The twill one is pretty cozy, too. I guess I'm a sling junky b/c I was getting tired of the old ones; I wanted new designs, I guess. I really did need a good winter sling and that water sling, though.
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Mon, 08-28-2006 - 1:58am
i am so in agreement. i want one with every outfit. LOL
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Mon, 08-28-2006 - 4:40pm
I have two friends who recently bought slinglings and they both rave about them too!
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Tue, 09-05-2006 - 10:15pm


I so desperately want one, too but have no excuse for it. My ds is 2yo, 13kg and too heavy for me to carry much and on top of that he's running around and not wanting to be confined too much. I do have an old ring sling which suffices for the occasions when i do need to lug him around a little bit.

BUT if you do cave in, let me know cos we can then share and buy 3 at one go and split the cost. And maybe we can find a 3rd person to buy the 3rd one, too.

I feel horrid discussing this on the board with sara around (sorry!) but if you are serious about it (and this goes for anyone out there) just contact me at

I want it so badly, I already know which one i want.

Ee Lin