Baby Dislikes Carriers

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Baby Dislikes Carriers
Mon, 08-28-2006 - 8:20pm

I have 2 baby carriers. A baby bjorn (that she is only now getting big enough to use) and a chinese style wrap given to me by my mil. My baby is 8 weeks old, probably about ten pounds.

Whenever I tried using the bjorn, she screamed in my face to be taken out. My dh just got her in it this weekend, very slowly snuck her into it bit by bit, and then we went for a walk and she fell asleep in it and seemed okay. But I'm reluctant to try again. I've had her in the chinese wrap but she never settles in it. I have breast fed her in it and she will tolerate it for a while then. I went for a walk with her in it and she cried almost the whole time. I've been trying to get her to like it by putting her in it every other day or so for three weeks now. Maybe she doesn't like the material? It is old (from the 70s by the looks of the very u-g-l-y fabrics).

Why does she hate carriers? She loves being held. Is she too little? Could it be the materials? Too hot or constricting? Is it my fault because I think they are cumbersome and ugly? Part of me really wants to try a slingling but they are expensive and would be a total waste if my baby hates them too. I said to my dh that all the babies look so happy in those pictures, but he made the very good point that people would think or baby slept all the time if they judged her by her photos (ha!).

I want something I can carry her in that she likes, that looks nice, and that would allow me to discreetly nurse in public. The less that shows, the better, as that is a big reason I don't want to go out right now. Any thoughts? Do some babies just never take to slings or wraps of any kind? Do I just have to wait until she's older? :( Thanks.

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Tue, 08-29-2006 - 12:32am

I just want to say that you shouldnt give up. At first my DD would only like to be in the sling is she was asleep. but she was a really fussy baby and didnt like much. Except DH swinging her i her carseat, not the swing, she knew when you were putting work into comforting her. But know she is good in the sling and have no problems. My DH likes to wear the baby bjorn, makes him feel more manly i think. but i like the sling. it really helps. and i went to the zoo when she was three months old and feed her in the sling and nobody looks twice. but for me, it just took a lot of practice.

Gook Luck

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Tue, 08-29-2006 - 11:31am

>>she knew when you were putting work into comforting her.

That sounds just like my baby, lol. Okay, I guess I'll keep trying. Today I decided I would try lining the wrap with a softer blanket to see what happens. :)

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Tue, 08-29-2006 - 3:00pm

Neither of my kids ever liked a baby bjorn-style carrier.

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Tue, 08-29-2006 - 4:28pm

There are lots of free/low cost ways of wearing your baby:

If you can sew, a pouch sling, ring sling or wrap are extremely easy to make.

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Tue, 08-29-2006 - 10:23pm

I agree, keep trying. Your DD is very young yet, hardly acclimated to the world. I'd keep trying them both--I personally found my ring sling much more comfortable and versatile than a Bjorn-style carrier, but never had the opportunity to try a really good-quality frontpack like a Bjorn. My sister has both a pouch sling and a Bjorn, and while her first baby really preferred the Bjorn-type, her second baby prefers the sling. Who knows? You could try looking around at used-stuff stores like Once Upon a Child (if you have those near you) or other secondhand stores, because I think many people try a sling, or get one as a gift, and never figure out how to use it and return or sell it. I bet you could get a deal at one of those places. I got my ring sling (a NoJo) for $10 almost 9 years ago, in a broken box with no instructions, because it had been returned. Best deal of my life--I used it for over a year with my second child, and well into two years with my third!


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Thu, 08-31-2006 - 12:09pm

Yesterday I got her in the wrap for a little longer by wrapping her first in a receiving blanket... so maybe it is the material that is bothering her. Also, it's homemade and has a ton of seams on it because the strap parts are sewn around the main square of the pouch and then it's two sided so maybe the seams feel rough and are bothering her as well. Maybe this carrier would just work better with an older baby who isn't quite so sensitive.

I will definitely consider checking out a second-hand store for a sling. I really just love how stylish the slingling ones are... I'm such a sucker for things that catch my eye like that. I spent wayyy too much on a diaper bag ( because I just loved it so much. My one big splurge. :3 So I wouldn't mind the cost investment if I knew she would tolerate it. And if it actually helped me feel more comfortable getting her out of the house because I was confident she'd cry less, then I'd get three. I wish I could ask her what her problem is...

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Fri, 09-01-2006 - 10:49am

My dd hated the bjorn and snugli since she did not like to "dangle" she much prefered the sling and the ergo after I would swaddle her first then lay her in and she did fine. The resale shop I work at has tons of slings bjorns and other carriers since people get them and the baby or them dont like them so they bring them to us and buy something different so shop around and see whats out there . Its also very easy to make your own slings and wraps so you could try that route as well and see how it works