Slings/carriers for dads?

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Slings/carriers for dads?
Sat, 09-23-2006 - 11:03am
Dh wants to carry the baby around too but feels slings are way too feminine for him! Ours is this light minty type green. I am sure I could get him a more manly looking one but he just doesn't like the idea of a sling, wants a carrier. I despise the idea of carriers, I don't find they provide a lot of contact or interaction between parent and child, but he likes it, so what can I say. I will be wearing baby a lot more than him especially while i will be excusively bf for the first 6 months. But he wants a carrier for later on. Any positive experiences with any particular brands for dads?
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Sat, 09-23-2006 - 12:14pm

the Ergo is pretty popular with dads for older babies and toddlers, the baby is in contact with the parent, and both of you could use it. It is basically a mai tei with buckles instead of really long straps:

other options are the baby trekker:


wahm made and custom fabrics available, the others are all mass produced.

I have had both a baby trekker and sutemi when DS was a toddler. I didn't care for either very much and sold them. The ergo is the most recommended, I have seen them in real life but never used one. The Beco is very popular, but I have never seen or used one. I'm a lot of help, huh?

You can check the babywearer:
for reviews and more suggestions.

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Sat, 09-23-2006 - 6:36pm

my DH is the same way, although i tell him he has to wear the sling when she is sleeping so that she is more comfortable.

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Sun, 09-24-2006 - 10:58pm
**delurking** My DH also despises slings. . .he can't get them to be snug enough for him, so I suggest a mei tai. It works a lot like the snugli/bjorn carriers, but with the closeness that you're talking about, and they fold up really nicely!! I'm including a pic of my DH wearing Pruitt in a mei tai :)

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Mon, 09-25-2006 - 3:37pm
I registered for a bjorn before I knew about slings, and my bil got it for us. I had read that you can breastfeed with it, but I have no idea how this could be accomplished without verrry long boobies. Lol! So my dh ended up using this instead. The baby liked it when he used it, she even fell asleep on our walk and in the grocery store in it. But then I insisted on a slingling and he wanted one too so now he has a red denim one that he likes, though I like my two so much that he hardly gets to use his since I'm always carrying the baby in mine! :)
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Mon, 09-25-2006 - 11:26pm

Hi Beth!

Everyone else has been really helpful already, so I don't have much to add.

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Wed, 09-27-2006 - 11:34am

I can't respond to "All", but this is to everyone-thank you so much for the suggestions! I will definitely have dh look at the websites and see what he likes.

My due date is today! (Sept 27th). I think I have been losing my mucous plug for the past couple of days. My belly also has been very hard since last night. Don't know if that is a sign too or not, but it's different. My midwife says it's normal, not to worry about it. No major changes in BH, although had a couple that were a bit more uncomfortable than usual, but not painful, mostly just more pressure.