Looking for a baby carrier

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Looking for a baby carrier
Tue, 10-03-2006 - 11:04am

I love carrying Catherine, and so does she. I have used a Snuggli. I loved it, but Catherine is too big for it now. Also, she doesn't like facing in anymore, and I don't like her facing out.

I also bought a ring sling from Sleeping baby. I love the fact that it's adjustable and it was available in different sizes. I have a very petite frame, and I don't want to trip on the leftover fabric, kwim. I love the hip carry. However, it keeps slipping. Also, after a while, my shoulder hurts.

Could you recommend a baby carrier? I'm looking for one in which I can wear Catherine on my hip and in which I can nurse in discreatly. And also, I want to be able to use it as long as possible.


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Tue, 10-03-2006 - 12:31pm

I can't recommend a carrier b/c I always use a ring sling.

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Tue, 10-03-2006 - 12:35pm
I love my ergo but check out www.thebabywearer.com - you have to sign up but only takes a minute and has the best product directory and reviews to help you.
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Tue, 10-03-2006 - 9:01pm
My neck/shoulder also starts to hurt when using a one shoulder carry for too long. 22lbs does that to a person LOL Sounds to me like you could really benefit from a wrap. There are so many different carries, it allows you to spread fabric out when nursing in public and you can also do a hip carry with it. The only thing steering me from recommending a mei tai is the discreet nursing. You can nurse in a MT, but not *too* discretely :) Hope this helps some!!

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Wed, 10-04-2006 - 8:56pm

Hey Marie

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Thu, 10-05-2006 - 8:09am

Hi Lucie!!! What are you doing here? :P

Catherine and I are doing fine. She's still behind in the crawling, but I'm still hoping. She pushes herself backwards when on her belly, and she now drags herself on her butt. I usually sit her down in the middle of a foam mat, but she doesn't stay on it anymore. Besides that... Catherine is starting daycare in less than a month :( I found a home-based daycare that I wasn't too comfortable with, but after visiting other daycares, I'm happy Catherine got a