Makes him want to nurse more?

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Makes him want to nurse more?
Sat, 10-07-2006 - 1:31pm
Does your baby want to nurse more when in the sling, even if you just fed him? I find whether in the sling or wrap, even if I just fed him a pretty long feeding, he wants to nurse constantly. Probably just because he smells my milk. Also, I find it impossible to tighten the wrap back up after nursing him, I have to undo the whole thing, which makes me not want to use it. I was thinking I wouldn't need a wrap but we bought one which I found kind of expensive at 50 bucks for just a piece of fabric. However, am way too tired and busy to go get fabric to make one. I also can't see his latch while in the sling or wrap so am worried about that (he is only a week old). He only settles sometimes, usually just wanting to nurse in either wrap or sling. I find them both pretty frustrating, not easy to use as everyone seems to say they are. I can't seem to position him properly, even after spending like an hour with the lady I bought them from, learning how to use them. Anyone else struggling with similar issues? I don't want him constantly in the bassinet but my arms are killing me from holding him and I want to get stuff done around the house too.
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Sat, 10-07-2006 - 10:00pm

Oh, Beth, welcome to the world of non-stop nursing! LOL!

First thing, take a deep breath and accept that you can't get "things" done right now. You don't need to! Laundry, dishes, cooking, can all get modified so that you do as little as possible. Get your dh to do what he can, use paper plates, buy frozen food or order a pizza (um, with veggies heehee). If you don't have one, get a nursing pillow. Then sit down and nurse your baby as much as he wants. It will help build your milk supply.

My baby probably doesn't go longer than 40 minutes from the end of one feeding until the beginning of the next and sometimes it is (much) less than that unless she is sleeping. When she was a newborn it was often no more than 20 minutes of "free" time for me. She is 3 months now.

That being said, I think being in a sling makes her want to nurse because of the close proximity to my breasts (it's like waving ice cream cones in front of a kid, right?) and the only time she doesn't get antsy for nursing while slinging is when we are on a walk or she is distracted with a change of scenery like going into the backyard, or I am vacuuming. She needs movement, otherwise she remembers that lunch in right next to her.

Seriously, though, take care of yourself. Sit down and close your eyes every chance you get when nursing. Sleep deprivation catches up with you really fast when you try to do too much too soon and it is rough, and it's more important to stay healthy and bond with your baby than to make sure there are clean spoons. Once he gets a little bigger your baby will fall into more of a routine and you can figure out how to fit in 5 minutes of dishes here and 10 minutes of laundry there. I am doing it now and my house is no longer a wreck but I still need dh's help most nights getting dinner on the table.


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Sun, 10-08-2006 - 10:05pm

I agree! With a one-week-old, you *do not* need to be nursing him while walking around! Sit down, for heaven's sake! When he's two or three months, then nurse him in the sling while you do housework--for now, just don't do it. Plop yourself down in a chair, use lots of pillows, get a drink of water and a book, and just sit there! It's true you can't see his latch well in the sling, but he's too young (IMO) for you to be trying to do that. Your arms shouldn't be killing you from holding him all the time, because you are supposed to be sitting or lying down while you hold him, not jogging all over the house. Take a break, you just had a baby! When he's asleep and happy, if you are rested too, lay him in his bassinet and then get up and shower or what-have-you. At this stage, if he wants to nurse, stop what you are doing, sit down with all the pillows, expose yourself fully and do it all the way!
I made this mistake with my second...when I had him, and was already busy with a 2-year-old, I figured, I nursed my first for almost two years, I've got this nursing thing down! I'd walk around the house while nursing, talk on the phone, care for my older kid, do housework, etc., but got exhausted and then he was really restless while nursing. Finally my DH said, "Look, he needs your full attention! Sit down, get out the pillows and just do it." He was so right. So stop worrying about all that stuff--nurse in a chair, relax together, and worry about babywearing later!


PS. To answer the question you actually asked...I always used a ring sling, and the tiny little babies do sink down inside them. It takes a bit to get the hang of it and be comfortable with it. Give yourself time!

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Mon, 10-09-2006 - 4:43pm

Christine and Annie are right.

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Tue, 10-10-2006 - 1:04am

at 1 week i didnt even want to move.

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Tue, 10-10-2006 - 2:05pm
Thanks. He does love the bouncy seat. He hates his swing so far. Dh has been great with reading him books and singing to him, and basically taking him off my hands whenever I need or want (plus he loves to be with him too!). I hate putting him down because I feel like he is bored or not stimulated enough. I do have a nursing pillow and I love sitting down to nurse him. I can't afford to him in the sling much right now as he wants to suck constantly and my nipples are killing me (especially the right one, which he is kind of rough on for some reason, he likes to play with it, ouch!). I also don't like leaving him nestled in the nursing pillow on the couch because we have animals that climb all over the couches and I am afraid he will get knocked off, even if he's sitting next to me.
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Thu, 10-12-2006 - 3:20pm

Hi Beth,

I agree with the other ladies, sit down and relax!

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Thu, 10-12-2006 - 6:45pm
thanks! I was thinking about that today, how this time will fly, and I really don't want it to! As difficult as some times are, like some nights, I know I will miss this time! I love him being a baby, I have looked forward to this for so long! I don't want him to grow up! LOL! I feel so emotional today, darn it!
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Thu, 10-12-2006 - 7:51pm

If you're only a week post partum, I would NOT worry about getting stuff done. Rent some movies, get some books you've been meaning to read, and just concentrate on getting nursing going well. If you have other children, can someone help out for another week or two? I think nursing in the sling will be easier when baby is older (latch should be better, too). Your baby needs to nurse frequently to establish your milk supply. Plus, your babe just got out in this big world and sucking is very comforting. Hang in all should be getting better soon!


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Fri, 10-13-2006 - 2:48am