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I used my wrap out in public for the first time today. I was initially anxious about it and worried I wouldn't be able to manage it, but I did! I went to Wal Mart and put baby in it in the parking lot. I put it on at home and just wore it there. It fit great and he was nice and secure, and so many people commented on how cute and snug he was in there. The great part was nobody could really touch him like they can when babies are in strollers. I also felt a bit smug (oops, I shouldn't) when he was so content in there even when awake, while babies all around us were absolutely wailling in their strollers and shopping carts! Let me tell you, I got more than one envious glance from parents of those kids, lol! I was so tempted to yak to them about how great wraps and slings are, but I am so new to this I didn't feel comfortable enough! I was honestly waiting for Xavier to wail any second but he didn't make so much as a peep! When he heard another baby cry he kind of made a tiny noise, then settled back down, but that was it.

I of course put him back in his car seat when we got back to the car, only too late realizing he had to nurse and I undid the whole wrap to nurse him (I haven't gotten the hang of nursing in it yet anyway. I put him back in the wrap for our trip to the grocery store down the street, but unfortunately I hadn't tightened it enough this time and he wasn't as secure in there, I kept having to manoeuver him around, but he was still pretty content! One lady in the store commented that he will get cold like that (when I was going through the dairy section with the fridges). I said no he won't, he is right up against me, we are both very warm and he's very wrapped up. I also had a blankie with me to put over him when we were outside, plus his little hat. She kind of shrugged and looked like she didn't believe me. Whatever (rolls eyes). He only cried when I took him out of the wrap, I nursed him again, but he cried a bit because he hates his car seat. As soon as we started moving again he completely quieted, he wasn't really crying that much anyway and I had quieted him quite a bit before starting the car. Yay for me! I'm mobile! Before my trip I swore I was going to call up the lady I bought it from and tell her I was returning it, because honestly, I hated the gosh darn thing, didn't feel it would ever work for me. Guess I just need practice now!

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WOOHOO!!! Congrats on using the wrap!!! Which kind do you have?? Don't you *love* to walk by the moms with the screaming babies as they try to soothe the baby AND push the cart/stroller?? ;) LOL My DH gets a kick out of how I stroll by them ever so leisurely LOL And I love to be able to go straight up the escalator instead of watching the moms line up with the strollers as they wait for the elevator. Congrats again on getting past that initial outting!!

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