Any other places to get pouch/ring sling

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Any other places to get pouch/ring sling
Sat, 10-21-2006 - 1:17pm

I went through tons of sling options on and finally decided on a pouch/ring sling hybrid.
I want something primarily for a newborn/infant. I probably wont use one once they get bigger...but we'll see. I just carry my 2.5 yr. old all around in my arms right now. And that works. hehe

Anyway the sling also has to be the best of ease for breastfeeding, and privacy would be nice too.

First I thought about a pouch, but I heard it can be hard to breastfeed in those since they are so snug and most aren't adjustable? So that's why I like the idea of the pouch/ring sling hybrid. So I can just adjust the rings to allow room for baby to breastfeed, wallah!! Like magic! ;)

I found two sources on forums.... Wise Woman and the other...maybe Up Mama? But Wise Woman slings are about $60 and the Up Mama slings are around the same and in Canada (I'm in the US).
If I HAVE to spend $60 I will...hehe but I thought I'd look around for a few other places first.

Anyone know of any?

(Oh and I'm not a seamstress....I wish I was! But no such luck. hehe So I can't make my own)
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Sat, 10-21-2006 - 2:26pm

those are the only ones I know of. Baby Space Slings used to make them, but she sold her pattern to UpMama, then there is wise woman. If you are a member at the babywearer I would look on the For sale or trade boards for a used one. Also--i know that up mama had some slings on clearance in the vendor's marketplace board--Here's a link--They start at $25 and include shipping in the US or Canada!

Baby Space Slings pattern is online at upmama:

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