She HATES to be worn!

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She HATES to be worn!
Sat, 11-04-2006 - 9:48pm

Hey everyone, I am a mom of a five-week-old, and this is my first time posting on the AP board. My daughter, Vanessa, HATES to be worn in practically any carrier. I own a wrap and a pouch sling, but she screams whenever I put her in. I've tried putting her in when she's fussy, when she's calm and alert, when she's get the idea...but she always starts howling as soon as I put her in, but of course, she always loves to be held :-)

I thought that I might be putting her in wrong or have an incorrectly sized sling, so I went to a store that specializes in babywearing to see if I was doing something wrong and to try out other carriers, but she still wants nothing to do with them. The woman helping me told me that sometimes babies that young just don't like to be worn, and when she's older she might eventually enjoy it.

My question to all of you is whether or not any of you experienced something similar and when your babies started to enjoy you wearing them. Also, if any of you have tips to help acclimate her to a sling or wrap, it would be much appreciated. I just feel like I must be doing something wrong since you always hear (or at least I do) how much all babies just LOVE to be worn!



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Sat, 11-04-2006 - 10:25pm

I remember my DS hated to be worn until he was about 6 months old.


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Tue, 11-07-2006 - 12:37pm

My baby was having a hard time with being worn at that age, too. I had a baby bjorn that she'd only let my dh use on occasion, and a chinese wrap my mil gave me that I hated (so ugly and scratchy, sorry mil) and I think her head wasn't ready for it and she picked up that I didn't like wearing it.

Of course, at 5 weeks she still cried a lot for lots of reasons other than not liking her carrier. For instance, we found out she is super sensitive to having a wet disposable diaper and will cry and cry until you change her. We switched to cloth and she will just squirm and fuss when she feels too wet. So there might be a combination of things that is making her uncomfortable.

I ended up getting two pouch slings from Sara's store ( and I LOVE them. They are sized very wel and I looove the patterns I picked out. I can't help but get excited and happy when it's time to put the baby in for a walk or because I need a hand free to do something in the house, and my dd picks up on my good mood. We just took her in her sling to vote this morning and she only peeped once at the poll because I wasn't rocking her enough while I filled out my ballot, lol. The walk there and back were great. Sometimes she is just *not* in the mood and I take her out and hold her but overall she is liking it more and more.

To get her used to her slings, I found the best thing to do was pop her in and head out the door for a walk. The change of scenery and movement usually kept her pretty quiet. We go to stores and I wear her too, and she likes getting to look around. I give her toy rings to hold and play with since now she likes having something in her hands, and if I'm wearing her because I need to take care of some business, I have a pacifier that she will chew on (not really suck, haha) until I can finish up and go nurse her. Around the house I have found she likes to be worn while vacuuming, but will only sometimes tolerate other chores like laundry and dishes.

Your baby is young still so it will be a process. Keep putting her in, maybe line the sling with a blanket she likes, and remember to be cheerful and happy to wear her, taking her out and trying later if she just won't go for it. I think my baby really started settling comfortably in it after 8 weeks. :)

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