Almost 5mos should I start sling now?

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Almost 5mos should I start sling now?
Tue, 11-07-2006 - 4:25pm

Hi, this is my first post on the AP board.

My DD is almost 5 months old and did not really like the sling I bought when she was about 6 weeks old. I returned it and bought a baby bjorn. She loves that carrier, I should use it more often but it hurts my back. Should I switch to a sling now or just wear the bjorn until my back gets used to it?

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Tue, 11-07-2006 - 11:03pm


You cld try the sling again now. I didn't discover the sling until my dd was well over 6 mths and she took to it great. I think cos at that age, they can sit upright in the hip carry position and don't have to lie down. Is there a sling you cld borrow and perhaps try her in the hip carry position?

If she likes the position of the Bjorn you cld try the ergo (see which is better for your back or the mei tai (there are many sites selling the mei tai now, just do a google).


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Wed, 11-08-2006 - 11:34am

I agree with EeLin that you should try to borrow one and give it a try before buying.

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Thu, 11-09-2006 - 2:14pm

When Ella was 6 weeks she did not enjoy being worn. Now I have pouch slings that I use. I just started wearing her in the hip carry and face-out recently, though she still likes to be in the cradle carry, though sitting up. I like that with a sling, you rotate shoulders. My back doesn't hurt but I have done a lot of holding and I've always had pretty good posture. My dh gets a sore shoulder just holding her, since he doesn't get as much time with her. I haven't used my bjorn in a looong time. Trying a sling is a good idea, you might be able to call a local La Leche League Leader and ask if she has any to try at a meeting, or maybe contact some local doulas or LCs with the same question. I think your daughter will be more receptive to being worn since she's already enjoying the baby bjorn. Sorry I can't help you out more on the back issue - just make sure everything is fitted properly, that you don't bend over at the waist with her, etc.

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Sun, 11-12-2006 - 11:12pm

You're back won't ever get used to me.

I would buy one that is versatile and can be used as a hip carrier. I used my sling until my son was 6 1/2. Its the Kangaroo Korner fleece pouch ( and I swear by it. I have a friend who borrowed it from me when her daughter was about 5 months and she took to it right away and now my friend is addicted too.

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