Moby? Sasha? Ultimate...How to decide?!?

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Moby? Sasha? Ultimate...How to decide?!?
Wed, 11-22-2006 - 2:57pm

I'd like a few opinions about wraps. I am interested in those long stretchier wraps and wondering about some of the different types. I think the pocket on the Sasha wrap seems cool...any one have any ideas to share about wraps? I am also pretty hard up for money right now (but I can't sew or know anyone who can) so I need one that is reasonably affordable. I checked ebay and they are all around $40 Canadian plus shipping. I will spend what I have to but obviously less is better for me now. TIA


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Wed, 11-22-2006 - 6:56pm

I don't know anything about the sasha, but between the moby and the ultimate baby wrap, I would choose the moby. it isn't AS stretchy as the UBW.

If I remember right, your baby is older, like 6 months or so? Usually stretchy wraps are best for newborns, around 20 lbs most people find stretchy wraps not as comfortable as a nice woven non-stretch wrap.

woven wraps are more expensive, but if you can find the right fabric at a fabric store you can make one really cheap, without sewing if it is thin enough/narrow enough.

go to for ideas, or

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Sun, 11-26-2006 - 11:17am
I totally agree about the UBW being much more stretchy. I just pulled it really tight and used it w/ dd starting at 10 mos! I had the Moby w/ ds and used both the UBW and Moby, but once he reached about 6 mos, I used a ring sling (maya). I made my own wrap w/ some really pretty batik as well for ds1. I liked it b/c it wasn't stretchy just woven fabric so it worked out great for the back.