Am I wearing it right?

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Am I wearing it right?
Sat, 11-25-2006 - 3:46pm
Hi again! Guess it's kind of hard for you to tell if I am wearing my sling properly, but maybe you could still give me some pointers just by my description. I have been wearing ds in the ring sling since about a week after birth. He is just over 8 weeks now and is getting up there in weight and length. I'd say he's around 13-14 lbs now. My middle to lower back is really starting to hurt. My shoulder sometimes too. Ds also just started standing up in the sling when I try to put him in it, so I can't get the fabric back around his head to support it. Is this okay? I can't put him in the cradle position, he just seems too long. I've never been able to figure out how to nurse in it. I just put him in the upright position against my chest, facing in. Are there any other carries/positions I can use that might be more comfy for him and me? His head control is really much better but still inconsistent. He has been lifting his shoulders and head up for a few minutes at a time.
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Sat, 11-25-2006 - 4:51pm

Hi, Beth--I'll try to answer your questions. I have always used a ring sling too, so we have that in common! First, I used the upright tummy-to-tummy position most of the time too--it just felt most secure. When they were tiny, I did it with their legs tucked up in the pockety part, and when they were a bit older, with their legs hanging out below. As far as having the fabric pulled up behind his head to support it, that *is* hard to do after they are really tiny--I just often held my hand there to give a little bonus support. For the cradle position, I did use that one some too. I would pull it fairly tight, and kind of pull the baby up higher towards the shoulder the ring was baby was kind of reclining, not really lying flat. Then he or she would kind of rest against that arm a bit too. I never did much of the baby-lying-flat position, although if the baby wanted to nurse, I did. For nursing: I would slide them down into the sling so they were more flat, tip the baby so they were tummy-to-tummy with me rather than more tummy-to-the-sky, pull my shirt up and get them latched on, and then kind of pull the front fabric of the sling up a bit so we were covered. Your son might seem too long for that with his legs stretched out, but you could try it with his legs tucked up/knees bent. I think that's what we did; my babies were always very big and long. As far as the back pain, I didn't have a whole lot of that until they were bigger or if I wore them for really long periods, and then I'd get sore between my shoulder blades. People say that if you tighten the sling up and wear them higher that that helps. I never really got the hang of that, because I am short and my sling was always a bit big for me.

I don't know if this helps, but I hope it does...good luck!


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Sat, 11-25-2006 - 5:01pm

If you could post pictures, that would be really helpful! what brand/type of ring sling do you have?

My favorite position with a newborn in an unpadded ring sling is an upright tummy to tummy, like this, when you need head support:

or this, when you don't need head support:

Legs can be in our out. If in, they can be froggie bent under him, or crossed in front of him. If legs are out, make sure the lower rail of the sling is really snug behind his knees. If the baby keeps trying to stand up, I think that legs out works better so that he doesn't have anything to push against.

Back and Shoulder pain is usually caused by not wearing the sling high and tight enough, and not spreading the fabric wide over your shoulder. The lowest point of the baby's bottom should be at about your belly button level. Shoulder fabric should be spread as wide as possible, and cap the outer part of your shoulder.

nursing is usually easiest in the reverse cradle carry, head opposite the shoulder the sling is on. Legs can be in if he is small enough (bent or wrapped around your body) or legs can be out the bottom of the sling, like this:
legs in:
legs out:

I also like the football hold in a pouch for breastfeeding, but I haven't done this in a ring sling so I'm not sure if it works.


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