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Sun, 01-14-2007 - 1:39am

Hi everyone just thought I'd tell you a little about myself to get all of your wise imput on my situation and hopefully become a regular reader and post-er on this board.

Currently, my three year old (birthday in August) sleeps in bed with me and we have a sidecar arrangement with my nine mo old that seems to be working very well. THe baby still nurses during the night and my husband is happy with not waking when the baby does(as DH is in his own room). The only issue we have is that I have to go back to work in April and I want to make it a smooth transition for all with the least amount of stress. Unless I can manage something with my employer (very unlikely) I am going to be working shifts so two weeks out of six I will not be able to do our bedtime routine.

I've started reading THe Preschooler No cry sleep solution. I was just wondering about any transition stories anyone may have. I would like to move her to her own bed with as little tears as possible. I was also hoping this doesnt create a jealousy issue as baby will still sleep with me.

I hope this post is clear and thank you for all your imput and I look forward to sharing my experiences with all of you and hearing of yours!

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Fri, 01-26-2007 - 9:48am

nikki, sounds like you are going to have an interesting situation!! My DD is only 7 months so I have no transition stories yet, but wanted to wish you lots of luck and welcome to the board!

Can DH do the bedtime routine the weeks that you are not there? I know he can't nurse the can he give a bottle in bed and cuddle with both kids? Even if he doesn't stay the whole night there, cuddling them to sleep in your bed might help a lot. I assume you have guard rails on the bed....if not I would get them if you plan on the kids being alone in the bed sometimes. And maybe one of those big long pillows to put between them.

Let us know how it turns out.