New kind of sling

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New kind of sling
Sun, 01-28-2007 - 10:39pm
Hello, I am new here. I was introduced to babywearing with my 3rd and am HOOKED. :) Its great to be with other people who feel the same.
I have made a new kind of sling I read about and wanted to share with you all. Its a hybrid ring wrap, like a wrap sling with rings. Does anyone here have one? I have pictures to share if anyone wants. Its pretty cool.... cuts down on bulkiness of knots (ie in a wrap) but is most like one. I love unpadded ring slings and wraps.
I have not used this kind of sling with a little baby, but will do so in 5 weeks when mine gets here. I have only used it with my daughter who is 2.
Anyone want to see any pics of the ring wrap let me know.
i just wanted to share my excitement with other babywearing mommas.
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Sun, 01-28-2007 - 10:52pm


I'd really like to have a look of it. Cld you mail me a pic at


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Mon, 01-29-2007 - 11:39am

I assume you are talking about Jan Andreas ring wrap--

I've always been curious about this but haven't tried it..I would love to see photos!

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Mon, 01-29-2007 - 1:57pm
I just sent you an email through your profile and will send pics if you want. I cant figure out how to upload them to my sisters site (DUH)
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Tue, 02-20-2007 - 2:40pm
i have made a similar wrap, but with no ring at all, it is so easy on the back!!

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Sat, 02-24-2007 - 9:44am
Hi could you send me a picture too? Thanks,