mei tai?

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mei tai?
Sun, 02-11-2007 - 3:20pm


I have a 6 mos old and am looking to get a few more slings. I currently have a moby wrap and mamma's milk pouch.
Was looking to get some opinions on Mei Tais? Specifically looking at Babyhawk, Kozy? Anyone have any opinions?

Also looking at peanut shell or hotsling (love the patterned fabric, my Mamma's Milk pouch is brown-kinda boring!!!!)


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Mon, 03-19-2007 - 3:44am

I love my MTs. I have a Babyhawk (that I'm trying to sell actually) and 2 Mei Tai Baby's. I prefer the MTBs only because I managed to get my hands on the older Zippy style and can make interchangable panels to go in it. We also have a Beco, which has a structured waist that DH uses because a MT is to diffucult for him (hehe). It's also a great carrier.

I know, probably helped you none. Definitely check out the links the PP posted. And look for a NINO ( group in your area. They are a fantastic resource.

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Mon, 03-12-2007 - 8:36pm

Hi, I know you posted about this a while back, but just wanted to pipe in and say that


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Sun, 02-11-2007 - 4:15pm

There are tons of options--a few other companies that you should consider are and (I love the look of the overall MT from have a ball baby.)

You should register at, they have reviews of lots of mei tais here:

and here:

and a MT/ABC forum here:

good luck!

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