Hiking solution????

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Hiking solution????
Sat, 02-24-2007 - 7:23pm
Hi ladies - I'm hoping to get some advice, reviews, or links from you all. I need a hiking solution for carrying DS. I have all the soft carriers - slings, wraps, ergo, you name it! Love them all for different situations, but I would sweat all over DS on a real hike. I guess that means I need a frame backpack, right? I want something that I can do serious hiking in- 4000 foot elevation gain, 10+ miles, you get the idea. I dont think anything I have will withstand that!
Anyway, what do you use? Do any of you know of a site with reviews of carriers like this? Thanks for any advice!
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Tue, 02-27-2007 - 11:19am
Hi...I'm a new lurker here (used to post many years ago when this was on "parentsplace" before ivillage bought it). We used a frame backpack we bought from REI http://rei.com/ 20 years ago when #1 was nearing a year old. We used it all over the Sierra's when we lived out there and it was adjustable so was comfortable for both dh and I. It lasted through #5 (and was still in great shape but we sold it then were surprised with #6 whose now 5 weeks old) and we used it a LOT. At least 2 weekends per month in the warm months for each of the 5 kids. I can't for the life of me remember what brand it was but it was pricey 20 years ago ($120) and they have made a LOT of improvements in them since. As a minimum I would recommend one with a waist belt (pretty much all of them have that), padded straps, plenty of cargo pockets, and an adjustable seat. We will be in the market for one by fall I am sure!

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