Plus Size Mammas--Wearing Baby?

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Plus Size Mammas--Wearing Baby?
Tue, 04-17-2007 - 3:25pm


I asked this on my EC and figured this would be a good place to check.

I have a cousin who weighs over 200 lbs (not sure exactly how much) and is about 5'6". I was looking through her registry the other day and saw that she had not registered for a baby Bjorn or anything and I figure it is due to her size.

What type of sling or baby carrier would work for her? Is it possible to get one like a Mei Tai and have it be a suprise for her shower, or do I definitely have to ask for her measurements? I'd hate for her to miss out on being able to wear her baby because of her size.


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Tue, 04-17-2007 - 6:34pm

something like a long unpadded rail ring sling (the maya wrap w/lightly padded shoulder is nice, or something from, but she takes limited orders so it can be hard to get an order in) or a long stretchy wrap (like a Moby) would be great. You don't need to know her exact size to order either of these.

A MT with longer straps would be easy to buy for her also, but I don't love MT's with newborns, so that wouldn't be my first choice, just my opinion :)

There are adjustable pouches too (like the kangaroo korner adjustable fleece pouch--GREAT for a newborn, but hot during the summer)

A fitted pouch is out, unless you don't mind her needing to exchange (we do a lot of exchanges on gifted slings :(

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Fri, 04-20-2007 - 12:13pm

I agree with Sara that a ring sling is your best option.

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Wed, 04-25-2007 - 2:01pm


When my DD was born, I was about the same size as your cousin (have since lost about 50lbs.!). I liked the Ultimate Baby Wrap becasue it's just a long, stretchy piece that you kinda wrap around yourself. My DD loved it, too. We even used it as she got older to face her out to see the world when we went places like the zoo. I never liked regular slings, they just never felt right. But the wrap was great.

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Sun, 04-29-2007 - 9:51pm

Maya Wrap! You might have to get one that's a yard or so longer so that there's enough to have some extra for a blanket or cover. I think it work work perfectly.


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Sun, 06-10-2007 - 1:31pm
you want to look at a wrap but! The ultimate baby wrap gets very hot and if she is a bigger woman she will not want that. Believe me I know! The strechy wrap are the one made of jersey and they are the ones that are not breatheable and they do not recomend to use to cover while nurseing. You really want a wrap that is breatheable so she can nurse in and cover. This is why i bought my wrap. I am a larger woman and I wanted to wear my baby. I hate being hot and I thought i would be imbarrased if i got one and found out it was too small for me. I have a wrap'n wear. There website is They do custom sizes as well. Let me know what you think!