Mai Tai Backpack/buckle style carriers

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Mai Tai Backpack/buckle style carriers
Sat, 05-19-2007 - 3:19pm

I am 14 1/2 weeks pregnant with baby #2, loved "wearing" my DD when I could though never quite came up with the right carrier. I have an adjustable fleece pouch and a Wilkinet, and used a Bjorn at times. I have figured out that what would work best for me is something "pack/buckle/structured" like the Bjorn, because it is just so much easier to put on/off and get baby in/out of when I'm out shopping, etc. However, I want something that is comfortable and healthy for mom and baby, like a Mai Tai style. The Wilkinet was almost useless to me because it was too complicated and I hate long ties/sashes.

SO, I've been researching at and sort of narrowed things down to these carriers, and am wondering if any of y'all can give me some insight/advice/pros/cons about some of these carriers and answer a few questions too.

1) Sybela Connecta
2) Beco Baby Carrier/BecoPack
3) Angel Pack LX
4) Ergo

-Any preferences on comfort of waistbelts? The Connecta has an apron-style tie instead of a padded hip or waist belt, which some reviewers felt was more comfortable.
-It seems that most of them could be used with a newborn (Ergo with the insert), though the Angel Pack does not specifically comment on this, or on it's weight range. I definitely want one I can use as soon as I come home from the hospital.
-Is a sleep hood helpful/necessary?

I know Ergo is popular, but I also think it's a little more mainstream/well-known than some of the others. I do think the other ones come in much more attractive fabrics, though have to realize that if I buy MY favorite one, DH might not be caught dead in it!

Thanks, ladies. I want to reasearch this WELL before I purchase, especially because DH was like "You have 2 carriers already" and can't fathom why I would be so wasteful as to buy another one. I have to make sure the cost would be well-justified by the fact that this next one will actually be my perfect carrier!

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Mon, 05-21-2007 - 3:45pm

I have no advice as I am a ring sling user, and I see that Sara already posted, but I wanted to say Congrats on your pregnancy!

I'm sure you'll find the perfect carrier for you!

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Sun, 05-20-2007 - 1:55pm

a new one is the pikkolo, made by cat bird baby:
You can sign up for her mailing list to receive a coupon when the pikkolo is in stock.

Others that I've heard about:

I have had a baby trekker and sutemi pack, and I can't recommend either. I have heard good things about the beco. Ergo has some questionable business practices, though it is a good carrier for big kids, I wouldn't feel good about buying from them anymore.

As far as your DH being able to use it, there are slip covers now being made for many of these carriers. If you sew you can very easily make one. makes covers for becos.
I have shipped some of our sling fabric leftovers to Mamas to make slipcovers :)

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