Welcome to the new boards!

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Welcome to the new boards!
Mon, 03-24-2003 - 2:42pm
Hello all!!

I hope you all had a chance to see my earlier post about the new board and checked out the tutorial! I have had a chance to play with this new system and its really not that hard and has lots of advantages. Take some time to explore and if you have questions or problems let me know, and if you need to you may email me. Just go to my profile for my addy.

To answer the question most of you have to start with.. WHY?

iVillage has grown so much and offers so much now, that they needed a better system to handle it. Also they did feel that the old boards were long over due for an update and spent a good deal of time researching options and felt this was the best.

About the folder system.. the titles of the folders may change over the next few weeks as we as a group, sense what our needs our, and how this will work best for us. Its one of the pluses of the new board, we can customize it a bit.

For example I will most likely have Friday Five changed to Friday Fun :-)..

For now, just explore and get a feel for things and dont hesitate to ask for help! The only stupid question is an unasked one.

Lots of *Hugs



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Tue, 03-25-2003 - 9:28am
Wow, I think I am in "shock and awe" ::giggle:: j/k ing, of course. New boards look great I am enjoying exploring them.