Click "Outline view" -replies are seen!

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Click "Outline view" -replies are seen!
Wed, 03-26-2003 - 9:28am
So if you can read this, good. I am an old fashioned girl, and my brain does not seem to get this new format. BUT that does not mean it is bad, just different. My suggestion for those who are confused like me is to click on outline view which is above and is next to invite a friend. If you have a pop-up blocker it may not work, just so you know. My boyfriend has one and it does not. If you want to go back to almost the old look of the board, there you have it. I hope this helps someone. It has helped me immensely! Take care, Lisa-)
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Wed, 03-26-2003 - 9:37am
Thanks Lisa,

I am not having trouble with the new board, cause it is like some of the tech boards I use, but I understand that the switch can be trouble when you are used to something else.

So, how are you doing these days. I am frustrated as all get out, with the move and everything. Phone won't be turned on until the 31st of March. Thank god for cell phones and a cable modem that got connected right away.

I went to put my paycheck in the new bank last night, and they say I have to wait for it to clear. I have never had a bank tell you a pay check had to clear, personal checks, like from a friend or my mom, but not a paycheck. So I can't access those funds until the 2nd of april. I am so pissed. I am calling the bank in a few minutes, they should at least be able to contact the bank on the check, and get it done quicker, and I think I will be looking for a new bank. I will not be treated this way.

Good luck with learning the new boards features.


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Wed, 03-26-2003 - 9:58am
Hey Lisa,

I tried clicking on that yesterday and it didn't work for me. It did work today when I tried it though. It definately helped me too. Just a hint with the popup blocker problem:

Most of the popup blocking programs can be right clicked and suspended or ended to allow for specific windows to open. I frequently have to suspend mine to view help windows.

Love and Hugs,


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Wed, 03-26-2003 - 1:36pm
Wow Great ideas all! See you all just taught me something about the board LOL..

Helping each other is what its all about!