Feelng like my life is at a standstill

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Feelng like my life is at a standstill
Wed, 03-26-2003 - 10:35am
Hi everyone,

I hope everyone is hanging on and doing okay.

These days I am feeling completely stressed out. It seems like nothing in my life is going as I would like it to. Things are going really slowly for me and it is hard to keep remaining positive.

For one, I have not worked in a year for reasons that are mostly out of my control. I completed a Master in the States, but being Canadian it has been really hard to find a job here. So I decided to have my credentials evaluated in the province where I am from, and they decided that my studies were not equivalant to their education system and therefore I was not allowed to work as a teacher in my own province. So now I am having my studies evaluated in another province where I do not know anyone at all. I have to wait 4-6 weeks before I even know if I can teach in that province. So of course I start thinking that it won't work there either and I will be left totally discouraged. Then I start feeling that if it does work in this other province, I still won't know anyone and that will be so scary and lonely. Oh, I am so stressed out.

Not to mention, that I know that my marriage is not great at all. It is a very complicated issue, but I think I will have to leave him one day. I am just not ready to do it now for both financial and emotional reasons. I mean, how will I go on without the person who has been my only real confident for years. It is very scary, and also maybe to find myself without anyone else in my life ever again. Then I tell myself that there might be someone better out there....

Then another big issue, is that my parents are going through a whole bunch of problems and I am stuck in the middle without any support from other relatives. Not to mention that I am only child. It just seems like it is taking all I can not to have a nervous breakdown.

Something has to change soon or I will go bonkers.

Thanks for listening.


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Wed, 03-26-2003 - 11:17am
Hang in the (((((((((((((Ginny)))))))))))))

I have been where you are and it will get better. I have a favorite saying " Be careful what you wish for you might get it" When I first started having to do what you are, I always focused on the negative. Now, I look at doing my "what if's" positively. What if I love it? What if things really do work out? I learned that before, but had it reminded to me not too long ago by someone here on the board. And it is so true.

If you are looking at a different province, why not use the internet to get in touch with the various "chambers of commerce" is what they are called in the states, I don't know what they are up there. Start trying to touch base with people through the internet. I know that with my recent move, this forum and some of the others I have been involved in, have been great to help me find what I need. Specifically try the Yahoo groups, because they have such a wider base of subscribers, you are more likely to find someone in the area.

I know that 8 years ago, when I was looking to move to Boston, I found a couple of ladies via the internet in that area that set me up with realtors, and all sorts of other things. Same thing with this move, and it helps. I may never actually meet people like Sami, but knowing they are there has really helped. I don't feel like I left all my friends behind. With the internet and this forum, I got to take my friends with me. And that was wonderful.

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Wed, 03-26-2003 - 1:20pm
Hi Ginny,

Hang in there sweetie *HUGS,, things will make a turn for the better. I think Trac had some wonderful suggestions that may help in your job situation and who knows. 2 years ago I was so close to divorcing my DH that I even told some people I was going too. Today thanks to me getting a handle on my depression, our relationship is more solid then ever. ;-)

I do understand about family issues and not having any support, just know that even though its not really the same, you have us here to help you thru.