Veterans/Remembrance Day

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Veterans/Remembrance Day
Wed, 11-11-2009 - 12:30pm

Not sure how you spend this day in your community, but I'm certain we're all extremely thankful to our veterans and those who lost their lives in service of their country. (Here in Canada we honour both in one day, the same day that Europeans call Armistice Day.)

If you have any stories, thoughts or even a brief note of thanks, feel free to post them here.

Today I'm thinking of my dad's uncle Stanley, who died near the end of WWII. He's buried in the Netherlands and I hope to visit his grave someday on behalf of the family. If you'd like to see the entry in one of Canada's Books of Remembrance, see this page and look for Stanley George Jones on the right side. There's also a certificate from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, and you can view it here.


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Wed, 11-11-2009 - 5:00pm

That is amazing! Thanks for sharing with us!

I am thinking about my Granddaddy today. He was in the Army and served in the Korean war and WWII.

Thanking all those who have served!

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Thu, 11-12-2009 - 1:30am

I am remembering my dady this Veterans Day. He served 25 years in the US Navy. I also have lots of friends and other family who have served. Remembering them as well.

My siggy is of my dad.


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