New Update!

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New Update!
Sat, 12-05-2009 - 7:03pm

Hey everyone! I know its been like forever since I've updated you guys on whats been goin on, and well there really isnt much HAHA Well Im sure most of you know that I have

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Sat, 12-05-2009 - 10:42pm

Hey Jennifer -

Thank you so much for the update!!! I am sorry that you have such a creep for a landlord. I would turn him in. I don't know where to, but there has to be laws against that kind of stuff.

I am excited that you will have a great, fun, SAFE place to live coming up!!! I am so sorry I forgot to post a special birhtday thread for you here on the board. I have been staying at my mom's for a couple of days and don't have my regular bookmarks. It sounds like you had an awesome day. How exciting to get beautiful pink roses!!!!

About the can go to the Signature Showcase board or the Signature Making for Beginners and they would love to make you some new siggies. I don't have the links right now, again, because I am on my mom's computer. But check out those two board.

Miss ya sister and I am so glad you checked in with us!!


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Sun, 12-06-2009 - 5:04pm

Hi Jennifer! I am so glad you posted an update! How scary about the landlord. Ewww! I am so glad you have a safe/fun place to go!!

Happy Belated Birthday! Surprise flowers are the best! :) I am so happy to hear you had such a great day, you deserve it!!

I agree with Jen, here's the link for the Signature Showcase. They make amazing siggies!

Keep us posted on how you are doing! I miss you and are praying for you!!

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Mon, 12-07-2009 - 10:54am

Happy Belated Birthday!