Rough/Weird Day

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Rough/Weird Day
Fri, 05-07-2010 - 7:42pm

So I have been dealing with a ton of different things lately from medical issues to emotional stuff going on. I don't have a regular doctor and go to the free clinic which is hard because you never see the same doctor and although I get good care, it's not the same as if I had a regular doctor to see.

Anyway, this morning I awake at 3am in a full blown anxiety/panic attack. Not fun. It was causing me to vomit. I was so tired and everytime I tried to lay down the panic/anxiety got worse. I called in sick to work because of it. I sent out a couple of text to some prayer warrior friends and a dear friend who goes to my church, but also lives about 45 minutes away called me. She is in her 70's and a might woman of God. Anyway, she prayed with me for 30 mintues over the phone and finally about 9am the feelings went away. I also decided that I need to get a regular doctor even if i have pay out the nose for it. I don't have any insurance. I called the clinic where my DH and my folks go. They said they would take me, but the visits are $100 a pop. OUCH. But I have to do it. Well I told my mom about this. She showed up later on with $200 cash and told me to make the appointment. What a blessing. So hopefully we can get to the bottom of whatever is going on.

Just needed to get this out and if y'all think about it, pray for me and all these things that are going on.




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Fri, 05-07-2010 - 9:45pm

{{{{{{Jen}}}}}} I am so sorry you are going through all of this.

Heavenly Father.

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Fri, 05-07-2010 - 10:01pm

Sorry to know that you had a troubling day. Hope you are feeling

better now. Thinking of you with good thoughts and prayers.

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Fri, 05-07-2010 - 11:23pm
Prayers for you....Hoping for healing both mentally and physically.


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Fri, 05-07-2010 - 11:40pm
What a crazy day! Many hugs and prayers. Your mum is so good to help you get to the doc!


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Sat, 05-08-2010 - 2:17am
Wow, Jen, that is scary. I am glad your mom helped you out. Go to the Dr.! Praying for you.

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Sat, 05-08-2010 - 5:17pm
I will keep you in my prayers.

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