Found this on "New Tips &Tricks" Board..

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Found this on "New Tips &Tricks" Board..
Mon, 03-31-2003 - 1:33pm
For those of you who hate the boards..


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from: kazzamatazz

date: Mar-29 1:50 pm

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and threatening to leave.. read this.

There is a reason these changes were made, it was either lose the whole iVillage board itself, or make some major changes.

(or perhaps we could all chip in and pay for iVillage, it is a free site, but they do need to have people to run the place)

I don't mean to come across as rude or ignorant or demeaning, that is not my intention.. but I need to steer some of you to the reasons the changes were made.

First of all, you found this Tips and tricks board.. that is saying a LOT. Many, many people are not even getting this far.. and just signing off.

for starters.. here is WHY iVillage changed,

Please, give it a chance... I highly doubt a petition is going to change things unless we want to pay $$$$$$$. That, I am sorry, is the painful truth.

There are changes that can be made, and adjustments, they have a lot of bugs to work out first, and then I am sure they will be able to address the more personal issues we have.

Please, if you find this post at ALL helpful, post a reply to bump it back to the top, so any other frustrated posters can find it easily.

---- The poster refers to this as a free site (she means that there is no monthly fee to belong) --------