Heather, what's the temp in your...

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Heather, what's the temp in your...
Tue, 04-01-2003 - 10:21am
neck of the woods? Here, after having pretty much all of the snow melt away during the week, we got snow on sunday! it's not staying though but it really reminded us that spring might not be here quite yet! it is sunny though! -6 C. supposed to go up to +2 I believe!

Hope your enjoying Martin (or is it Marin! LOLOLOL!!!) Yannie who just couldn't resist! LOL!!

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Fri, 04-04-2003 - 2:47am
Going up to a whopping 13C today!! One of those spring days where I'm happy to be on mat. leave and not at work looking out the window wishing I could enjoy the sun! I think a little cafe au lait on the balcony is in order for this afternoon! Talked to my parents in Regina last night--I guess they got about 10 inches of snow two days ago, and that was just the start of a pretty major blizzard... TransCanada closed, 10 semis in the ditch, university closed... makes me feel pretty good about being here. I'll have to enjoy it while I can, since I know that in just a few weeks it'll be hitting 15 and then 20 in Regina, while it's still hovering between 8 and 12 C here... But we'll be in Canada this summer for all of July, just to make sure we get some nice weather (Norway is a very beautiful country, but they have no idea what summer is. They complain of the heat here every time it's warmer than 24-25 C!) I'm assuming optimistically, of course, that Air Canada still has enough money to buy gas for its airplanes to get us there...we do have the tickets already (boy I'm glad I used my Aeroplan points for these ones!)...but that may not mean much if the planes aren't flying.... and so much for hoping for a cushy hotel and generous food allowances if we miss a connection! Oh, well... in the meantime I'll enjoy my sun and 13 C!

I think by the way you'll have to change your nickname to YWJCR...

Heather, who just couldn't resist!