Any French Canadian parents around?

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Any French Canadian parents around?
Sun, 03-02-2008 - 3:23pm


I used to post to this board years ago when my kids were infants... Now my two boys are 5 and 8. We live in Norway, and my husband speaks Norwegian to them and I speak English (I'm Canadian).

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Sun, 03-02-2008 - 7:22pm

Welcome back to the board, Heather. I'm pretty sure we have at least two regulars who are fluent in French, but I can't remember usenames at the moment, sorry. Yannie does still come around so you

Love and Light, Joelle
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Tue, 03-04-2008 - 12:22am

Hi and welcome to the board!

I'm not Canadian and hence, I'm not the best person to answer. But I think "je plaisantais" is just fine - or at least, understandable to a French-speaking (but not necessarily Canadian) listener.

For "quit fooling around", how about "arrete de jouer"? Or maybe "sois serieux/serieuse"?