All Aunt Hagar's Children

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All Aunt Hagar's Children
Wed, 01-17-2007 - 3:22pm

I just finished "All Aunt Hagar's Children". I normally wouldn't have bought such an expensive book (it was $25), but my brother (thoughtful boy that he is) gave me a gift card to B&N for $50, so I just went ahead and bought it.

I am so glad I did- normally I would have checked it out at the library. However, I read books over and over if I like them. Some books I have read at least a dozen times- some to the point that pages are falling out. This is one I am glad I own, so that I can go back to it when I feel the desire to.

The book is not a novel, but a collection of short stories. All the stories are based in Washington, DC with characters who came to the city in search of something better, only to find that the city is not the dream most claim it is. It is not a book of "oh, see the poor people who only wanted a better life", but a book of women, children, and men who didn't quite get what they wanted, but they keep at it anyway. Making a life for themselves. I did like the book, as I said before, I will return to it someday in the future.


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Sat, 01-20-2007 - 4:45pm
Thanks for the review!

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