Sister of My Heart

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Sister of My Heart
Sat, 04-07-2007 - 2:05pm

by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni. What a book! I loved it! I very seldom buy books, but this one I've got to purchase. I'm also going to read some more books by this author. I really enjoyed her style of writing. There were some unexpected twists and turns in the story that really surprised me and one or two that didn't surprise me as much.


Synopsis from Barnes and Noble's website:
Anju is the daughter of an upper-caste Calcutta family of distinction. Sudha is the daughter of the black sheep of that same family. Sudha is startlingly beautiful; Anju is not. Despite these differences, since the day the two girls were born - the same day their fathers died, mysteriously and violently, Sudha and Anju have been sisters of the heart. When Sudha learns a dark family secret, that connection is threatened. For the first time in their lives, the girls know what it is to feel suspicion and distrust - Sudha, because she feels a new shame that she cannot share with Anju; and Anju, because she discovers the seductive power of her sister's beauty, a power Sudha herself is incapable of controlling. When, due to a change in family fortune, the girls are urged into arranged marriages, their lives take opposite turns. One travels to America, and one remains in India; both have lives of secrets. When tragedy strikes both of them, however, they discover that, despite distance and marriage, they must turn to each other once again.

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Thanks for the review :-)

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