Devil in the White City

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Devil in the White City
Thu, 05-10-2007 - 9:28pm
Well, I finally finished it, and I am glad that I stuck with it. I am not much for nonfiction, but Devil in the White City was written in a historical fiction format, so it wasn't dry, like some nonfiction. All of the quotes used are actual real things said by people whom the author researched. The story is about the World's Fair in Chicago, and it starts from when Chicago wins the bid for the fair and it takes the reader through the inception of the fair to it's final day. The thing that makes this book interesting is that it also tells the story of a serial killer who lived and killed dozens of people during the fair in Chicago. It had the feel of Caleb Carr's "The Alienest". A few things I learned: Shredded Wheat was invented for the World's Fair, as was the Ferris Wheel and the light bulbs many of us use today. I recommend this book. However, it does have some kind of tedious parts, mainly the architectural descriptions. But, overall, it was interesting, especially since I am from the Chicago area.
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Fri, 05-11-2007 - 6:31pm
It does sound like The Alienist. I really liked that book. I never did read





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Sat, 05-12-2007 - 7:41pm
I had no idea all those things were invented for the World's Fair!

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Thu, 05-17-2007 - 10:55pm
There was a TON of historical stuff in that book that I hadn't known & names I'd recognized from various classes (eons ago), but hadn't realized they had all been around at that particular time


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