Louisiana Book Festival

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Louisiana Book Festival
Sat, 10-04-2008 - 11:07pm

Every year (since 2003...except the year of Katrina--'05), Louisiana has a Book Festival at the state capital grounds in Baton Rouge. We've gone every time.

This year, we were sad that one of our favorite storytellers was NOT going to be there, and another of our favorites was storytelling at the time of Aly's acting class, so we didn't get to see her perform. We DID however get to see her at a book signing later, and she recognized us--couldn't believe how tall Aly's gotten.

They have book-making tents, storytelling tents, author signings, booths with all kinds of goodies, food (can't have a Louisiana festival without FOOD...oh, and MUSIC, too!), award ceremonies. Lots of things for kids in adults.

And they sell books, too. Barnes & Noble had a couple tents set up (I get a 20% educator discount at the store, though) and there are local authors selling & signing their books. One disappointment this year was the booth that is usually set up that sells books for $2-$5. We used to drop some money at that booth.

I did buy 2 books--one for my niece and one for my nephew for Christmas (my SIL can appreciate it--other family members probably wouldn't)--and had the author of one sign his and the illustrator of the other sign hers. The one for my nephew was written by Clint Loup called "Mice of the Carribean" and the one for my niece was a board book about Flippy the Tadpole.

We also got to visit the Louisiana State Museum for free. Aly & Mike had been on a field trip that I couldn't attend, and I'd been wanting to go and finally got to.

We had a really fun afternoon there (before my day went downhill--but I won't go there).

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Mon, 10-06-2008 - 4:46am
That festival sounds like a lot of fun!

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