Halloween Books

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Halloween Books
Tue, 09-16-2008 - 9:12pm

Pumpkin Soup by Helen Cooper

PreSchool-Grade 2 Cooper serves up a well-rounded tale told with storyteller's cadences. Pudgy housemates Squirrel, Cat, and Duck team up for activities including quilt making and music concerts, until Duck wants to be Head Cook and stir the soup. The trio spats and Duck waddles off in a huff. As the remaining pair search pumpkin patch and dark forest for their pal, they rethink their position. Coziness returns when they find Duck back home and learn to share at least cooking roles. Readers will linger over each page, savoring the delicious illustrations. Rich autumn colors and enchanting details on large spreads and spot illustrations embellish characterizations and setting. Energetic language with fresh images keeps the story bouncing along. Some may be troubled by the lack of closure on Duck's whereabouts during his absence, but the final comic page makes for a satisfying ending. The grand finale, of course, is a recipe for pumpkin soup.

Halloween Riddles (Chubby Board Books) by Alan Benjamin and Christopher Santoro


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We love Halloween, and we may have to add a few of those to our collection!