The Children's Book of Kwanzaa

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The Children's Book of Kwanzaa
Fri, 12-26-2008 - 10:26am

The Children's Book of Kwanzaa: A Guide to Celebrating the Holiday by Dolores Johnson

Johnson talks about the origins of the Kwanzaa festival and discusses its principles and symbols, what they are and what they mean. Then most of the book is made up of hands-on, detailed directions for crafts and gift making and recipes. The illustrations are small block prints, both portraits of leaders and designs for the crafts. Johnson stresses flexibility--this festival is still in the making; be creative about how you and your family plan your celebration--and her voice is committed, but never preachy, in promoting the holiday as an opportunity for all Americans to study and to celebrate the African American culture. A fine guide for teachers, librarians, and parents, as well as for children.