Let's put "regular" ?s here for now!

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Let's put "regular" ?s here for now!
Thu, 03-27-2003 - 9:33am
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How can I stretch out 4 mo old's feedings? He has reflux (he is fine on Zantac) but I think got used to eating small meals frequently before we started the meds (at 2 1/2 mo). So now I dont think he needs to eat so frequently and I think it is imparing his ability to nap... currently I switch breasts every 3hrs, but he nurses more than once, sometimes more than twice during those three hours... at night he sleeps from 11pm-6 or7am in bed with me, but I would like to fix our day naps so that I can move him out of my bed soon.

I have tried holding him off and keeping him entertained, but nothing works! He screams! I also go to school one night a week and feed before I go and when I get home, but DH cannot get him quiet while I'm gone (4hrs) w/o feeding him about 6oz (sometimes more) in small feeds during that time... (he is 16.5 lbs 27.5in at 19.5wks)

Any ideas on how to change his eating patterns?


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if he has reflux, most bf experts would suggest to you to allow him to feed in the smaller amounts more often, (this is what is recommended) because it is easier on the baby. Would encourage you to hold off on trying to stretch him out any further just yet, to allow his system to mature and hopefully get past the reflux.

Remember, too, that breastmilk digests in about 90 min, and some babies just need to nurse more frequently for a longer time (i.e. some 8 month olds for example, still nurse on average about every 2 or so hrs). Since he is giving you good sleep at night, IMHO, he's doing what he needs to to get enough milk for optimal growth and development.

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I'm not sure I'd work to change his bf pattern just now. I think he is inidicating a strong "need" for this pattern by his reaction to your attempts to help him to wait a bit longer.

He may seem fine with the reflux now but I'm betting part of why he is fine is b/c he has learned how to adjust his eating pattern to make himself feel ok.

I think it's also important to note that he sleeps a very long stretch at night and needs to make up for the feedings during the day.

I'm sorry this probably isn't the answer you're looking for, JMHO.