NIP antics....

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NIP antics....
Sun, 02-06-2005 - 9:53am

...okay, so my little guy isn't quite 6 months yet (he will be 6 months on March 1), but we're close and this seems to be more of an older baby issue than a younger baby issue, so thought I would post it here....

Up until recently, Noah has been really good about NIP. Whenever he is nursing, he would be focused on that and not care about anything else going on around him. I will nurse him anywhere and everywhere, so this was really convenient for me.

Now he's started being difficult....if he shows signs of hunger, I let him nurse. Usually, he starts off ok for about 1 minute or so, then he starts kicking his legs, pulling off to check out what's going on around him, etc. He will nurse for a maximum of about 5 minutes per side, but usually more like 3 minutes or so per side. He has a fit if I don't offer him the second side, but then he just has a quick snack (kicking the whole time) and then decides he's done. Thirty minutes later, he's demanding to nurse again - pulling at my shirt, screaming, etc. And then it starts all over again - quick snack, kicking the feet, pulling off all the time.

This makes for a not so pleasent nursing experience and also makes it difficult to get anything done (e.g. grocery shopping) since he is constantly demanding to nurse when we are out.

Any ideas on how to improve his NIP behaviour? I want to nip this in the bud as soon as I can. I do plan to nurse him past 1 year and I think that the older he gets, the less tolerant I will be of this type of antics when we are out (I'm really not interested in having a toddler that is constantly grabbing at my shirt in public and that is kicking his feet the whole time he is nursing).

P.S. He is still nursing fine at home, so I don't think it is an oversupply issue or anything.


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Sun, 02-06-2005 - 3:09pm

You have my complete sympathy. Charlotte started to pull similar stunts around 4-5 months. I remember being at the mall food court with my mother's group last winter and being the only one whose baby would not settle down and contentedly nurse. Talk about drawing a crowd. ;) (Not that I'm very modest about NIP, but I really wanted her to eat so I could have *my* lunch! ;) )

The best way I could cope with NIP at that age was to nurse her in a baby sling. If she was in a familiar place, with a layer of protection between her and the crazy, interesting world at large, ;) she was much more likely to have a full meal. I could nurse her in the cradle hold in the sling (lying down) until she was 8 months and totally outgrew it. Then we switched to nursing upright in the hip carry, which we still do a few times a week. (she is now 16 months and 22 3/4 lb!)

As far as NIP goes, Charlotte is still flaky about it unless she is in a quiet place. I find myself retreating to the car more and more, simply because she is too distracted. Busy / noisy places like the grocery store or mall hallways don't work anymore, sling or no sling.

I had to grin at your last comment because we are hard at work on NIP manners here -- as in not pulling up my shirt to air out the other "nah" while she's eating! ;)

HTH -- congratulations on nursing for 5 months! I see in your signature that you have overcome a lot of difficulties to be where you are today!

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