"Going with the Flow" (Inducing laction)

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"Going with the Flow" (Inducing laction)
Thu, 11-13-2003 - 9:04am
Going with the Flow

writer: Manl el-Jesri

A prominent gynecologist offers a simple solution to the problem of adopting a child


You want to adopt an orphan, but are prevented by Islamic law from giving it the full rights of any other family member, right?

Well, maybe not. Provided the child is young enough, science and Al-Azhar may have an answer: A simple breast pump.

First, a little background on the debate.

Adopting a child (tabanni) is prohibited by Shariah. Under Islamic law, adoptive parents can take in a child (a process known as kafala), but as the infant grows, he or she is considered an agnebi (stranger), a problem that prevents many childless couples who are also devout Muslims from taking in one of the nation's thousands of orphaned children.

Enter Amr El-Nouri, a prominent ob/gyn and researcher, who noted that under Islam, a child that breast-feeds from a woman five times automatically becomes a mahremm (first-degree relative), making the mother's children his or her siblings. Provided the five feedings were filling and delivered before the age of two, marriage is prohibited between the child and the mother and her offspring, and the women of the house do not need hijab in front of the son...

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Thu, 11-13-2003 - 11:55am
that was an interesting article, thanks for posting it!



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Sat, 11-15-2003 - 1:02pm
I just love reading your posts! I truly enjoy looking into a world so different from mine and a culture so different from my own. I'm just fascinated by it! While I still have a lot of "Why?" questions about a law that forbids adoptive children from being a part of the family, I think its great that they have found a way to work around that, AND make the adoptive mothers feel more connected to their babies as well. I can't imagine raising a child I wasn't allowed to scoop into my arms and give a great big kiss. Very cool article, thank you!