Cake Board's Favorite Links -m

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Cake Board's Favorite Links -m
Tue, 01-04-2005 - 1:12pm

Hey Dawn, thanks again for all your hard work for this board.  I will miss it very much!  I just wanted to compile a list of the board's favorite links so people who stumble on it will be able to find the same great help I have found in this board.  I hope I found them all!

Member's web sites...

  1. sarahs_3chicks  (mine) 
  2. cl-momdawn
  3. blessed2bmom3x
  4. al_vro
  5. bon_nailgirl
  6. anxhaustedmommy
  7. carla_it

Board's Favorite sites

  1.   Wilton!
  2.  Wilton's colorchart
  3. Great place with great recipes
  4. Great ideas and recipes here
  5. ICES...great place to look!
  7. great ideas!
  8. Theme parties N more
  9. Cake Works Central (theme cakes)
  12.  Favorite brand name recipes (fbnr)
  13. Kid's Domain (theme cakes)
  14. Nick Jr. (themed cakes and parties)
  15. Woman's Day Magazine

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