How to creat a profile

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How to creat a profile
Thu, 03-27-2003 - 1:04pm

Creating a member profile gives you a chance to express yourself -- and helps other members get to know you better. To view someone's profile, just click on her member name.

To create a profile, click on the Profile link near the Welcome! message at the top of the message board page. Answer the questions you choose to answer, then save the page and go on the second and third pages. If you would rather not answer a question, just leave the field blank and it won't be displayed on your profile. You can choose a personal avatar (image) to display on messages that you post.

By clicking on Update Your Profile, you can see private lists of members that you've added to your Friends or Ignore lists. Your Friends will be able to view all three pages of your profile. When you add other members to your Ignore list, the messages that they've posted won't be displayed to you.

The option to upload a personalized avatar is currently only available to CMs and CLs. iVillage decided to offer them this special feature as a small thank-you for their hard work in the community. Many members have requested this feature and we are passing that request along!