How to get Started?

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How to get Started?
Wed, 03-15-2006 - 2:44pm

Hey ladies, I just found this board today and already introduced myself, I am just so anxious to ask, I have been trying to find the "right" agency/agent for so long now because its hard to find someone thats right, and to trust. Well you all know! Well.. any info would be great! Thanks so much! -S 

Why im here. I have been researching modeling and acting and such for a while now, and now a days, I feel like I went in the right direction as far as introducing my daughter to the camera and explaining to her how to prop for pictures and things. and SHES 2! lol. Some might think, "well I doubt it". Literally, she cannot WAIT for me to get out the camera and always seems to know and cooperate. I cant keep her away from posing, and wanting to do pictures at the Picture people, and those are just very minor things.

I think that she would be fit for modeling. Like many people(esp. me being her mom), I think my daughter is very cute, but she has got that extra something for modeling I am prettty sure!

Anyway! Enough of me babbling I just wanted to know if anyone on here could maybe steer me in the right direction as far as finding a good agent/agency that is not a scam, and that we can get a good experiance from! Again, prolly in the New York or surrounding states... thats what would be easily convient to me.








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Wed, 03-15-2006 - 8:26pm

For print, the agencies in NYC are Ford, Wilhelmina, CESD, Product and Generation.

Your daughter sounds like she has the right personality for this! Good luck!