Hi-checking in..

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Hi-checking in..
Mon, 03-27-2006 - 8:31pm
Hi everyone,
It has been awhile since I checked in, but it is good to see so many people on the board now. It has actually been pretty quiet the last month. We had a Toyota commerical audition for Maegan at the end of February, but that did not turn into anything. Brady's Robinson-May ad came out this past week for the Spring Sale catalog. The Right Start catalog went online and he was not the "chosen" backpack boy-oh well. We had to pass on a Disney commerical audition for Maegan-pre-school festival that day. We had a Hannah Anderson audition for both kids today-so keep your fingers crossed!! It was quick and well organized which is so nice. Maegan seems to be over her whining so much which makes our lives so much nicer-yeah!! We were going on auditions at least once a week in January and February, but March was real quiet. Hopefully, things pick up a little.
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Wed, 03-29-2006 - 3:38pm

Hi Dana :)

Nice to hear an update from you! So sorry Brady didn't make the Right Start ad, but big CONGRATS on R.M!! I will look out for it....what is the pic like so I know what to look for. Was it in the Sunday paper? Keeping fingers crossed for you for a busy April :)

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