Part 5 of "Jesus, The One and Only"

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Part 5 of "Jesus, The One and Only"
Fri, 04-11-2003 - 3:30pm
Chapter 23 (Luke 8:26-33)

- I had never thought about the storm and the legion of demons as being connected. There's always more to the gospel accounts than I realise! Anything new you've learned about a story you'd heard so many times?

- I like the reminder that God's plans include "an appointed time" for the demons to be banished from the earth as well as heaven! Sometimes we start to think that God isn't going after the evil things happening around us, but the truth is that nothing escapes His judgment.

- "If we isolate ourselves from the support of others, Satan can have a field day." Ever noticed that in your own life? I think it happens with me sometimes.

- If we say no to Jesus, He respects that choice, though He'll be sad for all we're missing.

Chapter 24 (Luke 8:40-56)

- Another unnoticed fact in this story: the length of time the woman had been suffering, and the number of years the girl had lived, are the same! Totally missed that since I was a kid...

- God doesn't miss anything - even as a man living among the crowds, He knew when His power was needed and used.

- Jesus didn't need spells and long prayers to achieve a healing - a simple touch of His clothing worked for one woman! See his power, and know that it's unlimited, too! (God doesn't need to be recharged!)

Chapter 25 (Luke 9:1-9)

- Our calling is to surrender to God, all the days of our life! Our missions may vary in length and substance, but this same calling remains.

- "Freely you have received, freely give." I need that tacked on my forehead and written on my palms so I don't forget! God's love is not meant for hoarding to oneself, but for sharing with others (and that's everyone, not just people we like).

- How often do I see myself as a source of provision for my fellow Christians? Let's give wherever there is need, and look for ways to encourage.

- Never underestimate the power of awareness!

Chapter 26 (Luke 9:10-17)

- I enjoyed Beth's poem! How about you?

- What we see as little and pitifully insignificant can be turned into something big and wonderful through God's hands!

- Um, I never paid attention to the number of baskets for the leftovers. Time for me to see that God has it all figured out, and provides for everyone!

Chapter 27 (Luke 9:18-21)

- I love the reminder that God Himself taught me who Jesus is. No middle man there! (I need to realise that.)

- Christ knew what was coming, yet He still went through with the plan. I know I wouldn't have the courage for that; I'd have backed out long before this point! But He knew the importance of His decision to follow God's plan, and I must learn as well to stick with Him.

- Our focus must remain on God's will, His pleasure, His character; not our doubt or personal desires for glory or vengeance or fame.

- God doesn't retract His invitation when we mess up - He loves us too much to give us up!

- Another message I need to "tattoo" on my brain: If I want to follow God's will, I can't be the boss. His will must become mine, therefore He is the boss. (Besides, I will just mess up my life if I'm in charge.)


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Becca I have really fallen behind on my reading in this book! Please forgive my lack of participation this far. Please know I'm trying to catch up.


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No prob there, Stacey o' mine! I haven't touched the book since posting my questions for Part 5. Sometimes I get so busy with other activities that I almost forget we're doing the discussion!

Becca :)


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