Part 6 of "Jesus, the One and Only"

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Part 6 of "Jesus, the One and Only"
Fri, 04-25-2003 - 9:34am
Chapter 28 (Luke 9:28-36)

- Have I put Christ in a box and limited myself by what I *perceive* Him to be? Maybe I don't know Him as well I think... but I *want* to.

- Just as earthly relationships can give me security and mystery at the same time (eg. I know my little sister loves me and always will, but I don't know everything about her), so God provides these things for me - the difference, IMO, is that He is the ultimate in both security and mystery.

- I can't learn about a person all at once - instead, it happens gradually - and that's also how I learn about God. He reveals Himself to me in glorious tidbits of information!

- God may "rearrange our surroundings" in order to show us things about Himself. I probably need this shaking up more often than I think!

Chapter 29 (Luke 9:37-45)

- Things that trip me up when I could be using God's power: forgetting that His might isn't dependent on the right atmosphere (presence of leaders and absence of "nay-sayers"); neglecting to pray to Him for the power to be exercised.

- When I fail to believe God can accomplish something I desire, I am in effect saying I don't believe He's capable! But He is; God *can* do anything, so the question becomes "Is it in His divine plan?"

- God will supply everything I need, including the faith I don't have. All I have to do is ask for it, since He's waiting to give what I request!

Chapter 30 (Luke 9:43-56)

- Denying self isn't sacrificial but liberating! God doesn't want me to have to carry my burdens for so long, but I refuse to let them go!

- God may shatter my perception of who should be part of His family by using those I've snobbishly rejected. Here's the truth He wants me to see: Everyone is special, everyone is loved by God. It's past time for me to love and accept them all too!

- The disciples were eager to have people punished, but they should have been worried about the lost souls! Let me be more concerned with getting the message of salvation out in time than the destruction that will surely come.

Chapter 31 (Luke 10:1-24)

- More often than not, God calls His people to work *with* each other - do I fully realise the potential of togetherness?

- Rejection shouldn't stop me - I need to let Christ handle it, because He is the one equipped to do so!

- When I base my joy on the fact that I'm saved rather than on what I see accomplished around me, I have a lasting foundation - one that won't crumble if the miracles aren't apparent to me.

- Christ enjoyed the success of the disciples, and I can make Him happy too - by following His will and letting His power work in me!

Chapter 32 (Luke 10:25-37)

- God's law is about *relationship* not ritual. (And it always has been!)

Chapter 33 (Luke 10:38-42)

- God wants my heart to open to others, but it may be good for me to open my home as well. (Which means cleaning is in order... ;) )

- Beware of distractions from closeness with God.

- Keep the preparations in the "pre" not during an event!

- I must learn to stay in God's love, letting nothing distract me from getting to know Him more!

- God must be my priority, even as I keep my options open in my desire to serve Him effectively.


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Tue, 04-29-2003 - 11:24am
Becca. I really appreciate you finishing up the study. I'll be honest. I put the book down and can't get back into it.

Maybe another time.

Thanks for your faithfulness to this discussion.


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Tue, 04-29-2003 - 12:27pm
I don't have to post my thoughts on the rest of the study, but I will finish it (if not right away, eventually) and write my impressions, etc. in the book I'm using for that purpose. Then they're always there!

I appreciate that the book was given to me by a certain angel, so I don't intend to waste that gift; however, I'm not wanting to pressure anyone else into reading it. Know what I mean?

Becca :)


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