In US HIV Transmission n Circ rate drop

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In US HIV Transmission n Circ rate drop
Tue, 07-21-2009 - 10:58pm

Cl-islaywhisky…   Because you brought up the ? about transmission rates (good question), I started looking at transmission rates in the US.   J-Hopkins has published reports on both.

Johns Hopkins promotes circumcision to reduce HIV transmission (questionable african studies over a 2-3yr period or less).

They have also gathered information that shows reduced rates of HIV transmission in the US..where dropping HIV transmission rates and dropping circumcision rates occur at the same time plus US medical data cannot be controlled or skewed by one small group. (a much larger (US) population and much longer time period {1984-2008.. 24yrs in a modern country with better medical records})  Tue Dec 9, 2008

 â€œThe transmission rate has dropped 88 percent since 1984 and 33 percent since 1997, the team at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported in the Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes.”

“According to the study, the annual transmission rate in 1984 was 44 per 100 patients with HIV. This dropped to 6.6 per 100 people by the early 1990s and is now just under 5 per 100.”

“Condoms are the best way to prevent transmission during sex. Male circumcision has been shown to help reduce transmission from a man to a woman, but not from man to man.” ((There is no question that circumcision rates have been dropping in the US population, so people are choosing the most effective means of preventing HIV and reducing circumcision rates at the same time… It also not surprising to find J-Hopkins promoting circ yet again))

“They said prevention efforts are working, even though the number of people infected with HIV has risen….  …These data really show that people living with HIV are taking steps to be responsible and protect others," he added.”



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Wed, 07-22-2009 - 8:31am

Amazing that the rate of HIV infection for caucasians is only 18.7 per 100,000 and hispanics (who rarely circumcise) is 56.2 per 100,000. That is 3 times the rate and I really don't think that there are more hispanic homosexuals!

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Wed, 07-22-2009 - 8:40am

'African Americans and Hispanic males with AIDS are more likely to have been infected through injection drug use'

I think this explaination is very relevant.

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Wed, 07-22-2009 - 10:28am
Not to mention that over a quarter of all African American men will spend time in prision where HIv prevalence is three or four times higher than in the general population. I bet if you traced the infection chain of many African Americans it would lead back to a prision. This has been well known for a long time but I've never heard of it being addressed. If you tested everyone on entry, exit, and periodically you could notify, segregate, and treat.
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Wed, 07-22-2009 - 12:47pm

Estimated AIDS diagnoses by race/ethnicity

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... thank you for your informed response. It's revealing. Hopkins' studies have no bearing on the US - or any other so-called first world nation. We should all understand and do what we can to help nations/continents like Africa to eradicate poverty and subsequent lack of sanitation, education and cultural norm within their ethnic majorities.


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