tall your story Here

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tall your story Here
Thu, 08-27-2009 - 6:53pm

Ok ever i think best way to fight this is to tall use about your foreskin,s or son dad,s father,s i think if show is many people are do grate and normal portable we can show why a foreskin is a good or bad thing and if you ever had a problem please tell use about it. we need to get as many story,s is we can good bed or different

Please tall your Story


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Thu, 08-27-2009 - 7:07pm

I'm afraid your link didn't work for me.


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"Education is the discovery of our own ignorance.

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Thu, 08-27-2009 - 7:15pm
ok i deleted the link
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Fri, 08-28-2009 - 11:28am

My dad is intact. My partner is intact. My son is intact. My brother is intact.

I only know one person who is circ'd to my knowledge, and that was due to a medical incident when he was 6 or 7.

IMO it is for the pro-circ community to show why we should lop off a useful and functional part of a child's body.