Sharing my personal story

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Sharing my personal story
Tue, 07-27-2010 - 2:17pm

I let my husband decide whether or not our child was going to get circumcised without doing any research on it. It ended up being one of the biggest mistakes of my life. I am a new mommy, so I'm sure that I will probably make mistakes that are even worse, but not if I can help it. Read my personal experience/story about my son's circumcision at

I, along with most of my family, was born overseas. After I got my son circumcised, I was talking to my mother about it and she was very curious as to why I had him circumcised. She told me that it was not common practice in Asian countries. My mother told me that my brother was not circumcised. Later, when I talked to my brother about it, he was convinced that he was. Before the day was over, he called me back and let me know that he was intact. He had to do some research. LOL! He had gone all these years thinking that he was circumcised.

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Tue, 07-27-2010 - 8:23pm

Hi Antisheephood... and welcome to our board.

"I just sat there weeping and could not bring myself to close the door."

In that single sentence you conveyed such depths of emotion, distress, self-incrimination and despair, my heart went out to you.

Thank you so much for sharing your story. I hope it will encourage visitors to the board seeking help over the same issue, to take stock and think deeply before coming to a decision. And please don't lay the blame on yourself. You and your husband were victims of a circumcising culture and its normalcy among millions of parents in the US where social conformity abounds.

Your son is blessed with deeply loving parents. I'm reminded of this wonderful line from Bugsy Malone: "Give a little love and it all comes back to you." Doubtless he will prove the truth of that as he grows from boyhood into manhood.


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CL - Circumcision Debate

"Education is the discovery of our own ignorance.

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Fri, 07-30-2010 - 8:55am

Thank you for having the courage to share your story.

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Sun, 08-01-2010 - 5:36pm

The reason most doctors will not allow parents in the room is because they don't want the parents to see the pain their child is experiencing.